Maximize Yield, Efficiency & Profits of your farming business

Cropwise Financials
Cropwise Financials

Unlock the power of your operation

  • Field level profitability analysis
  • Boost ROI with data driven crop plans
  • Digitize your farm and simplify record keeping
  • Save time reporting to regulatory bodies

Find efficiencies through invoice tracking and product use reports.
Rainfall and weather forecasts along with a view of local commodity prices at your fingertips.
Robust reports help drive meaningful conversations about your farm.
Maximize your ROI and manage risk with budgeting and forecasting tools. Compare plans vs actuals.
Save time and decrease duplication of data entry with our data integrations.
Track inputs and yield by farm and field level to measure profit.
Cropwise operations available on computer



Cropwise® Financials by  Syngenta® is a powerful platform, available exclusively through the AgriEdge ® Offer. It provides the capabilities you need from planting to harvest, with access to your records at your fingertips.

Farm management anytime, anywhere

  • Works on Apple devices and runs on all common web browsers
  • IOS app​
  • Cloud storage​

​​AppStore Financials app

Digital Farm management
Digital Farm management